Article 10 Application

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Exhibit 1. General Requirements.pdf
Exhibit 2. Overview and Public Involvement.pdf
Exhibit 3. Location of Facilities.pdf
Exhibit 4. Land Use.pdf
Exhibit 5. Electric Systems Effects.pdf
Exhibit 6. Wind Power Facilities.pdf
Exhibit 7. Natural Gas Power Facilities.pdf
Exhibit 8. Electric System Production Modeling_redacted.pdf
Exhibit 9. Alternatives.pdf
Exhibit 10. Consistency with Energy Planning Objectives.pdf
Exhibit 11. Preliminary Design Drawings.pdf
Exhibit 12. Construction.pdf
Exhibit 13. Real Property.pdf
Exhibit 14. Cost of Facilities.pdf
Exhibit 15. Public Health and Safety.pdf
Exhibit 16. Pollution Control Facilities.pdf
Exhibit 17. Air Emissions.pdf
Exhibit 18. Safety and Security.pdf
Exhibit 19. Noise and Vibration.pdf
Exhibit 20. Cultural Resources.pdf
Exhibit 21. Geology Seismology and Soils.pdf
Exhibit 22. Terrestrial Ecology and Wetlands_redacted.pdf
Exhibit 23. Water Resources and Aquatic Ecology.pdf
Exhibit 24. Visual Impacts.pdf
Exhibit 25. Effect on Transportation.pdf
Exhibit 26. Effect on Communications.pdf
Exhibit 27. Socioeconomic Effects_partially redacted.pdf
Exhibit 28. Environmental Justice.pdf
Exhibit 29. Site Restoration and Decommissioning.pdf
Exhibit 30. Nuclear Facilities.pdf
Exhibit 31. Local Laws and Ordinances.pdf
Exhibit 32. State Laws and Regulations.pdf
Exhibit 33. Other Applications and Filings.pdf
Exhibit 34. Electric Interconnection.pdf
Exhibit 35. Electric and Magnetic Fields.pdf
Exhibit 36. Gas Interconnection.pdf
Exhibit 37. Back-Up Fuel.pdf
Exhibit 38. Water Interconnection.pdf
Exhibit 39. Wastewater Interconnection.pdf
Exhibit 40. Telecommunications Interconnection.pdf
Exhibit 41. Applications to Modify or Build Adjacent.pdf


Appendix 1-1. Certificate of Formation and Certificate Amendment.pdf
Appendix 2-1. Jinko Eagle Half Cell Technical Data Sheet.pdf
Appendix 2-2. Gamechange Solar Genius Tracker Data Sheet.pdf
Appendix 2-3. Gamechange Maxspan Pile Driven System Data Sheet.pdf
Appendix 2-4. PVS980 1818 to 2091 kVA Data Sheet.pdf
Appendix 2-5. PIP Meeting Log.pdf
Appendix 2-6. Stakeholder List.pdf
Appendix 4-1. Public Comments.pdf
Appendix 4-2. Town of Waterloo Zoning Ordinance 2000.pdf
Appendix 4-3. Town of Waterloo – Local Law 2019-1 – Solar Law.pdf
Appendix 4-4. The Town of Fayette Land Use Regulations 2008.pdf
Appendix 4-5. Town of Waterloo Comprehensive Plan 2017.pdf
Appendix 4-6. City of Geneva Zoning Regulations 1968.pdf
Appendix 4-7. Town of Geneva Zoning Regulations 2018.pdf
Appendix 4-8. Town of Phelps Zoning Regulations 1975.pdf
Appendix 5-1. System Reliability Impact Study_redacted.pdf
Appendix 5-2. Collection Substation Design Criteria.pdf
Appendix 5-3. Preliminary Operation and Maintenance Plan.pdf
Appendix 8-1. Production Modeling Analysis_redacted.pdf
Appendix 9-1. Project Layout with Fixed Racking.pdf
Appendix 11-1. Preliminary Design Drawings.pdf
Appendix 11-2. Preliminary Landscape Plans.pdf
Appendix 11-3. Electrical Design.pdf
Appendix 12-1. Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) Plan.pdf
Appendix 12-2. NextEra Energy Major Duties and Accountability Matrix.pdf
Appendix 12-3. Complaint Resolution Plan.pdf
Appendix 13-1. Real Property.pdf
Appendix 14-1. Estimated Cost of Facilities_redacted.pdf
Appendix 18-1. Site Security Plan.pdf
Appendix 18-2. Emergency Response Plan.pdf
Appendix 19-1. List of Sound Receptors.pdf
Appendix 19-2. Pre-Construction Sound Level Measurement Program.pdf
Appendix 19-3. Construction Modeled Sound Levels.pdf
Appendix 19-4. Annual Daytime-Nighttime Calculations.pdf
Appendix 19-5. List of Modeled Sound Sources.pdf
Appendix 19-6. Project-Only Modeled Sound Levels – 1-Hour Leq.pdf
Appendix 19-7. Cumulative Modeled Sound Levels – 1-Hour Leq.pdf
Appendix 19-8. Total Future Sound Levels- Modeled Project Plus Measured Background- 1-Hour Leq.pdf
Appendix 19-9. Sound Monitoring and Compliance Protocol.pdf
Appendix 20-1. Phase 1A Archaeological Survey and Sensitivity Assessment_redacted.pdf
Appendix 20-2. Historic Architectural Survey and Effects Report
Appendix 21-1. Geotechnical Engineering Report.pdf
Appendix 21-2. Inadvertent Return Plan.pdf
Appendix 21-3. Preliminary Blasting Plan.pdf
Appendix 22-1. Plant and Wildlife Inventory List.pdf
Appendix 22-2. Breeding Bird Surveys_redacted.pdf
Appendix 22-3. Winter Raptor Surveys_redacted.pdf
Appendix 22-4. Grassland Breeding Birds Cumulative Impacts Analysis.pdf
Appendix 22-5 – PART 1 of 2 – Wetland and Stream Delineation Report
Appendix 22-5 – PART 2 of 2 – Wetland and Stream Delineation Report
Appendix 22-6. Wetland Functions and Values Assessment.pdf
Appendix 22-7. Invasive Species Management and Control Plan.pdf
Appendix 22-8. Agency Correspondence_redacted.pdf
Appendix 23-1. Private Water Well Questionnaire.pdf
Appendix 23-2. Private Water Well Survey and Responses_redacted.pdf
Appendix 23-3. Preliminary Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.pdf
Appendix 23-4. NYSDEC Solar Panel Construction Stormwater Permitting and SWPPP Guidance.pdf
Appendix 24-1. Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix 24-2. Glint and Glare Analysis
Appendix 25-1. Sight Distance Diagrams and AASHTO Tables.pdf
Appendix 25-2. Emergency Access Routes.pdf
Appendix 25-3. NYSDOT Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) Volumes.pdf
Appendix 25-4. Accident Summary Data 2017-2019.pdf
Appendix 25-5. School Bus Routes and Transit Routes.pdf
Appendix 25-6. Construction Access Routes.pdf
Appendix 25-7. Highway Capacity Software (HCS) Level of Service Output.pdf
Appendix 25-8. Posted Bridge Data.pdf
Appendix 29-1. Decomissioning and Restoration Plan-redacted.pdf
Appendix 31-1. Town of Waterloo Local Law Chapters 79 93 and 135.pdf
Appendix 31-2. Town of Waterloo Local Law No.1 of 2019 Chapter 134 Solar Energy Systems.pdf
Appendix 35-1. Electric and Magnetic Field Study.pdf