Summary of Intervenor Funding Process

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“Intervenor” is the name used to refer to a party, other than the applicant or the staff of the reviewing public agency, that joins an ongoing case or proceeding as a third-party for the protection of an interest.

Article 10 applicants, like the Trelina Solar Energy Center, are required, at two stages, to provide funds to be used to defray certain expenses incurred by municipal and local parties when participating in an Article 10 proceeding. These funds are known as “intervenor” funds and are collected by assessing an “intervenor” fee on the applicant.

The presiding examiner from the Department of Public Service will award funds on an equitable basis to participants during the pre-application and application phases. The funds are to be used to make an effective contribution to review of the preliminary scoping statement, and thereby provide early and effective public involvement. During the application phase, the funds are to be used to contribute to a complete record leading to an informed decision as to the appropriateness of the site and the facility and will facilitate broad participation in the proceeding.

Municipal and local parties are eligible. The presiding examiner must reserve at least 50% of the pre-application and application funds for potential awards to municipalities.

For more information, visit the Department of Public Service’s Guide to Intervenor Funding.